Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux

video by Elliot Caplan


Commissioned by Serge Koussevitky Foundation for large chamber orchestra with electronics, and soprano Laura Aikin, bass Ethan Herschenfeld, for Signal, BMOP, ACO and the Slee Sinfonietta, with texts by Neruda, Creeley, Daumal, and Goia. Premiered on April, 23, 2013.
and optional video

Year Completed


52 minutes


with texts by Neruda, Creeley, Daumal, and Goia


  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Soprano (voice)
  • Bass (voice)
  • Electronics

The setup below is preferred. However, other configurations are possible as well, ranging from 4 channels as a minimum through 6 and 8. The two levels of speaker placement are preferred but not absolutely necessary. See the "Read Me" information within the performance patch.

  • Computer running Max 5.1.9 or higher
  • Audio interface capable of at least 12 audio channels
  • Mixer with 12-14 inputs and 12-14 outputs
  • 12 speakers and 2 sub-woofers
  • 2 microphones for singers, microphones/amplification for bass flute, harp, and/or celeste routed to mixer for subtle sound reinforcement as necessary.
  • Reverberation capability for the live mics in mixing.

See electronic support files for speaker arrangement, channel routing and other audio set-up instructions.

Program Note



LQTC _ stage shot 1
LQTC _ stage shot 2
LQTC _ 3
LQTC _ 4
LQTC _ 5
LQTC _ 6
LQTC _ 7
LQTC _ 8
LQTC _ 9
LQTC _ 10
LQTC _ 11